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road.the drivers who will be affected by the changes on foxx 5 news at five. 3 &p 3
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3 3 3&for the firss time in 15 yyaas... the orioleesare on the path to the playoffs.theyy yesterday.megan gilliland is
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good mmrninggguys,41-thousand yesterday... and after the the - game they didnnttleave... many of the fans stayed... to watch the rangers... angels games on the big screen at camden yyads... knowing a playoff spot was bewing... brewing...after 14 depressing ssasoos... what's annther hour &por so.and it was worth the waii.the texas rangers beat the los angeles angels in the second game of a double header yesterdayythat meanss.. the p'sshave clinched one of the american league wild carr spots.something some generationssof o's fans... have never even experienced. duutin & dave widener, 17: lives for this. yep. all our e lives."faaher: "she's gonna see the first time the orioles lot's happened since then. i pas here for the laat one. i'm gonna be here now. &pthe wild card game is this priday....where is when is still uppin the aii.the too wild card team wiil host the second foo ticcets...
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the wild caad and the divisionaa games are already sold out! therees no doubt o's fans are feeling the magic.justtthis &pyear... more than two million fans ccae to see the orioles play.according to the team... that's the ost in five years. p'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. the search is on for a sexual predator ii montgomery county.. and police fear he will strike . again. pettctives linked seveeal sexual asssults over the past two years to the same man who, peeping into an apartment laat week. most of the attacks have happennd in germantown and gaithersburg.... and cases are similar. "there's seeeral reasons at this point. fiist is a similar puspect escciption in each single female that usuaaly ttinn is that each incident has occurred during niggt time " hours." police have
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suspect ....but say its likely his appearance has changed. 3one year later... and stilllno arrests in thh death of an art ssudent in southwest altimore. now theevictim's family is stepping up thhir demands for justice.last septeeber at he corner of lombard street...bruue benn... who had no criminal reeord... was shot in the headd tte ffmily's no one's been arrested. &punsolved homiiide, i hope for tte bbtter but i on't see nothhng changingg changgng" the family says they wiil cootinue to hold out hope that someone soon will break their silence. ten years after paralyzing the &pnorthern virginnaa d-c and maryland areas with fear... convictee sniper lee boyymalvo expesses remorse in aanew post.malvo says he felt like the worst piecc of scum on the pllnet... as he recalls a husbands face after killing his wife in a home epot
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parking lootin northern anniversary of the beginning of the deadly killing spree by malvo and john allen muhammad. muhammad was executed for the crimms in 2009 and malvo is serviig a life sentencc withh no parole in virginia. tww new laws prrtectinggthe victiis of domestic violence take effect today.starting now, residents who are forced to leave their jobs to escape the threat of domestic violence... are eligible for unnmployement..and another report whether aadefendant has an abusive relationshhp with they're requireddto make note of t... on their criminal record. &guns that onne belonged to gangsters bonnie and clyde... hit the auction block.on sunday... a revolver and pistol found on the couple the day police ambushed and killed them in 1934... were sold for a whopping 5-hundred-thousand- dolllrs..he duo was wanted for kidnapping, auto theft, robbery and 13 murders natioowwde. the u-s supreme court begins its new term today.on
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suuday... members atttnded the &pannual "red mass"... seeeing blessinn for the upcoming term. justices are expected to face a range of expllsive issues over the upcomiig months... including affirmative action in universiiy recruiting... same--sx maarrage... voting rights... and abortion. are electric ccrs really the future or jjst a ffd? it looks like baltimore city is on the road to purchase morr than a ozen of them. they are from toosee if thh cars make sense for the city....or maybe you.goodd mooning oel d. p. good morninn joel you.the city... or maybeemake senss por see if the cars they are from to dealership where live at the joel d. smith is joel d. smith is liveeat the deallrship where they are sense for the city... or maybe you.good morning joel d. 3 3
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3 will yoo need an umbrrlla before steppinggout todaa? today?you skywatch weather forecass is nextt next.
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he's a little young to be superman,,but he's definitell aasuper boy. a chinese child showing super- human strength. he's only seven years old, but he
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weighs one hhndred and twelve pounds and can carryyhis two he kid can carry a ninety pound bag of corn ... and ull one point ffor ton car ffr several yards. the child sayss he wants to be a champion weight llffer when hh grows up. ((22shot toss to weather))
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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(((raffii reporter ad libs)) map el air map fiber map quarantine
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it's a dinnertime staple... stappe..."people love mmat.. behind you payng more forr &pmeat... next year. ((bump out)) anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia...
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casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. extended drought and rising -
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feed prices ... sent a higher- than-usual number of animals to slaughter last month. as athena jones explaiis... that meaas the price of meat will likely rise next year. 3 --reporter pkggas follows -- "people love meat."meat has priie of place at jamie sttacowski's butcher shop in washington."whattcan i get for you, my friend?" eakk....ttssall heer."we're meat atinggcountry and no to find way to get meat." in but with prices for pork and beef expected to rise next year...(nats)this long-time meat man says consumers will have to ay more -- orrget &pused to newwcuts. "what happened in the last increase is peopll went from eating a the porrerrouses - thee went to eaatnggsecoodary cuts." "everybody loves bacon."the coming sticker shockkwwll impact not just butchees but restaurants and dinner tables
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across the countty."the worst drought in decades means higher costs for animal feed and lower profits for farmers. farrs llke this one here in maryllnd have already had to "what you doing, honey?"julie grry sttnar runs a small farm nnar the west virginia borderr third of her costt goes to , animal feed -- which is mostly corn and soy.pricee for sky-rocketed since jjly. stinar: it wws $14.77 on july 2nd. now it's $16.79 so it's &psignificant aaoont.stinar: and so hen here we have thh pig pellet was 12.22 and now the pig pellet is 15.06.athena: so it's gonna get worse?ssinar: she's now charging a dollar a pound ore for her sausage, pprk chops and baconnand plans to switch frommcorn-bbaed hog "it's requiring a lot more ey..- creetivity. you havveto be
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really good at adapting."since she doesn't rrise broiler -- in winter, stinar is hoping pricc spike for their feed.and unnike most american farmers, she graas feeds her cattle -- meaning she won't have to worry about grain prices ffr stachowski's customers are preparing hemselles..."the quulity ii worth it. i doo'' mind spending the money." "thhre is a limit to what any toogue-in-cheek solution to thh problem..."eat more tofu."" made of soy.athena jones, cnn, sharpsburg, maryland. -----end-----cnn.script----- the orioles sweep the rd sox... sox...see if they managee to do something they have not donn in more than a decade. ((break 3))
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bruce cunninngam has fox 45 morning sporrs. sports. 3
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ccming up in our 6 o'ccock hoor... applees c-e-o is issuing a raae apology...the appp. that's made so many users.. ups.
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